Josh Sender
Josh Sender is an artist working with images, mostly online. His work considers value– how value is created, inherited or maintained. He recently completed his MFA at the Mount Royal School of Art at MICA. Once upon a time he was an award-winning web designer.

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Current Projects
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On Edge 2016info
depths, borders, bridges, gates, lids, pages, divider, between,
to harrow
edge of the woods
between sleeping and waking
printed in the risograph publication "Pothole" by Jordan Tate
Digital Objects
New Work 2015info
Digital distortions within empty contemporary spaces, bending the architecture into and onto itself.
Implied Installations are a part of a larger project, Documents.
Digital Images, Video, Archival Prints
Oy! On Time! 2015
The digital images and artworks made for Oy! On Time! were made as pieces of a proposal for a solo show I wanted to have. Oy! On Time! was held in two parts: on the browser— where one can look privately, the weight of the work heavier, offering itself as more contemplative and private, and in a gallery space— as cheap xerox transfer prints, poor translations of the digital ideal.
Pieces of Digital Proposal, Xerox Transfer Prints
Vie Vying 2015info
The works in Vie Vying start as a small digital texture collected from different realms of digital media, and the textures are edited and multiplied and positioned in graphic design corporate mockup templates, giving them a distinct semi-recognizable shape and an implied physical form. Part of a larger project, Documents.
Digital Objects
blgh ded - lolgg 2015info
Layered appropriated marks from the most expensive paintings in history over decorative textures and found images.
Digital Installation
Martyr Images 2015info
Images were selected from the Web Gallery of Art's search results for 'Martyr.' The images were put through a process of digital reduction, focusing on the shapes of the bodies, but stripping the images of any historic specificity. Implied Installations are a part of a larger project, Documents. See the digital collection (21 images)
Digital Installation
Monument Feed 2014info
Photographs were created by picking fragments from the first listed image on the wikipedia article for 'Monument.' The first photograph is of a Harvest Moon rising over Washington’s Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and US Capitol. Each fragmented image’s field was digitally expanded on, positioning it in a new focus as something much smaller but grander. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Video, Digital Photographs
Seeing Lassoing Wild Horses in 360° 2014info
'Lassoing Wild Horses' is one of the first objects in the Met's collection to be photographed and made available online in 360°. I created a 3D scan of the object by taking photos of the bronze on the screen, and then further iterations were made of each new version, offering further interpretations of this century-year-old bronze as it continues its journey through forms of documentation and representation.
Download the PDF (6 MB)
E-Book, Re-scanned 3d Objects
$ Landscape $ 2014info
$ Landscape $ is an ongoing project comprised of various physical and digital ephemeral iterations. Each iteration contains dense overlapping drawings of the most expensive buildings in the world.
Ink on Wall, Digital Installation
Contrived/ Permanence 2013info
The mural portion of Contrived/Permanence is a composite drawing that consists of fragments of eight historical monuments that were built as memorials. The mural is paired with a set of postcards that pull directly from sensationalized quotes describing the source monuments.
Ink on Wall, Postcard Display Rack
Unpublished Stories 2013info
A series of 6 ink wall drawings, a projected animation and a supplemental zine. Each drawing pulls from different cultural forms of representation that I most frequently interacted with as a student. The drawings are reflections of how lives and cultures can be reduced, and consequently misunderstood.
Ink on Wall, Postcard Display Rack